Killer Klowns From Outer Space
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Curtis Mooney: I made it through Korea I can make it through this bullshit.

Farmer Gene Green: I don't know Pooh, you know there's something kinda peculiar around here.

Biker: Whatta ya gonna do? Knock my block off?

Farmer Gene Green: What in the blue blazes is the circus doing here in these parts?

Farmer Gene Green: Where's the dang ticket booth?

Farmer Gene Green: Where's my dog! Where's my Pooh Bear.

Security Guard: What're ya gonna do with those pies, boys?

Visible crew/equipment: In the bathroom, when Mike's ex-girlfriend is getting undressed to take a shower a long-necked clown jumps from out of the toilet. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can clearly see the arm of a white guy sticking out of the bottom of the clown's neck controlling the puppet.

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Question: Who played the teenager that got killed at the gazebo? It looks like Michael J. Fox but, when I checked IMDB, there's no name listed for who played him.

Answer: The actor is Randy Doke. He's uncredited for the role, but IMDB lists him as "Puppet Show Dude."


Answer: I checked the Internet and read up on the Killer Klowns production and there is no mention of Michael J. Fox being in the movie. I do not know who the actor in the scene is, and while it's possible that it was Fox, it does not really resemble him, in my opinion.

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