The Great Muppet Caper

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9/10.The second Muppet movie and it's quite good.I was entertained as the Muppets are for everybody from young to old.The plot itself worked well with them causing mayhem in England.If anyone proved themselves here it was Diana Rigg.She'd been a Bond girl, had her own TV show, now doing this.If anything, she became immortalized just like when she was in the sixth James Bond movie.I would say to anyone if they asked me to name the five best Muppet movies here would be my list:1.The Muppet Movie,2.The Great Muppet Caper,3.Muppets In Space, 4. Muppets Take Manhattan,5.Muppet Treasure Island.They are and always be American icons.The Muppets were and still are part of a lot of people's memories because of the genius of Jim Henson who should always be remembered.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the film the plane they are initially flying on is a typical passenger plane, but when the Muppets are thrown out, the plane is one used for skydiving.

luke f

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Dorcas: What would you buy if you were bored?
Neville: Uh... a jar of calf's foot jelly.

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Trivia: The bald man standing behind Gonzo when he yells "Stop the presses!" is Muppet performer Frank Oz.

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Question: How in the world were Nicky and the models able to slip past the guard dogs?


Answer: As shown in Nicky's office, him and the models are professionals, judging from the different tools that they are using and a map of the Mallory Gallery. All they would have to do is watch and wait for the dogs to leave a specific area, and they would be able to get in because of how quiet they were while Kermit and friends were caught because of how much noise Animal made while trying to eat through the bars.

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