The Dish

The Dish (2000)

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Factual error: There is a a scene showing round bales of hay and as anyone in this district would know we never had those shaped bales out here in Parkes when man first walked on the moon, we only had the old rectangle shape bales of hay.

Factual error: When the dish is moving all its parts into place, some of the moving parts are seen labelled - with a type of label-maker that didn't exist in 1969.

Continuity mistake: In the scene near the start when someone is looking at the photo of the dish (the photo is inside a manilla folder), the paper is hanging over the edge of the folder, but when it cuts to the close up the picture is in a different position. (00:05:20)

David Hancock

Continuity mistake: When they are playing cricket on the dish, all the shadows change from that shot to the next by about 30 degrees. (00:13:10)

David Hancock

Factual error: The radio telescope at Parkes was not the one used for receiving transmissions from Apollo 11. In fact the one used was a smaller receiver at Honeysuckle Creek. One which has since been transferred to the deep space tracking station at Tidbinbilla in the Australian Capital Territory where it still plays a minor role.

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