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Mayor Bob McIntyre: You remember that night at my place? Trying to sort out the contract with that fella from NASA? 'What about this? What about that?' Two hours, and you finally speak. 'Gentlemen, this should be the contract. We agree to support the Apollo 11 mission.' That was it - one sentence. They couldn't believe it. It was a wonderful moment.
Cliff Buxton: But this isn't.
Mayor Bob McIntyre: No, this is a shithouse moment.

Prime Minister: You know, we've got a saying in the party. You don't fuck up.
Mayor Bob McIntyre: And?
Prime Minister: That's it.

Janine Kellerman: You have a gun?
Rudi Kellerman: Yep. This is an official NASA installation, after all.
Janine Kellerman: Does mum know you have a gun?
Rudi Kellerman: No. And don't you go telling her, either! Or else she might come and take it off me.

Cliff Buxton: This is science's chance to be daring.

Billy McIntyre: The engines are filling with hydrogen.
Mayor Bob McIntyre: Can they fix that?
Billy McIntyre: No, that means it's go for launch.
Mayor Bob McIntyre: Ohhh, hydrogen.

Cliff Buxton: We stuffed?
Glenn Latham: Yep. We're stuffed.

Al Burnett: Not everyone at NASA is a hotshot college genius. The guy I most admire is from a one-horse town in Ohio.
Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: And what's he do?
Al Burnett: Tomorrow he's gonna walk on the moon.
Glenn Latham: ...Who's the guy?

Al Burnett: Are you telling me that NASA's prime receiving station has absolutely no idea where Apollo 11 is?
Glenn Latham: Yeah - it's on its way to the moon.

Al Burnett: The Ambassador's coming. Space nut. Knows everything about Apollo 11.
Ross "Mitch" Mitchell: Does he know where it is?

Reporter: No offence, but NASA spends fifteen years, hundreds of millions of dollars so that we can watch man walk on the moon and in the end it falls to you blokes! I mean, how do you feel about that?
Ross "Mitch" Mitchell: A lot better before you opened your trap.

Politician: NASA's upgraded us. Parkes is now the prime receiving station.
Prime Minister: Meaning?
Politician: We've got the moonwalk.
Prime Minister: Jesus. The people at this place, they know what they're doing?
Politician: I think so.
Prime Minister: You'd bloody well hope so.

Rudi Kellerman: What's with the alarm?
Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: Lets us know it's windy.
Rudi Kellerman: Oh, well I could'a told you that, it's blowin' a bloody gale out there.

Al Burnett: I think we ate an entire sheep.

Marie McIntyre: If you ask me, I think it's the biggest chauvinistic exercise in the world.
May McIntyre: That's why nobody asks you, darling.

Cliff Buxton: Do you know what I thought when this first came up?
Glenn Latham: What, your pipe?
Cliff Buxton: No. The moon mission.
Glenn Latham: You beauty?
Cliff Buxton: I thought, imagine stuffing that up. Isn't that odd?
Glenn Latham: What?
Cliff Buxton: Well, that I was more scared than excited.
Glenn Latham: I don't think that's odd. I feel like that all the time.

Ross 'Mitch' Mitchell: That's bullshit. You just bullshitted NASA.

Mayor Bob McIntyre: You've just got to tell them.
Cliff Buxton: That we lost Apollo 11?
Mayor Bob McIntyre: Well, I wouldn't say that first.
Cliff Buxton: What would you say first?
Mayor Bob McIntyre: How about "hey, you'll never guess what happened... "

Factual error: There is a a scene showing round bales of hay and as anyone in this district would know we never had those shaped bales out here in Parkes when man first walked on the moon, we only had the old rectangle shape bales of hay.

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Trivia: This movie is the highest grossing film ever at Australian box offices.

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