633 Squadron

633 Squadron (1964)

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Factual error: The dialogue refers to "Earthquake bombs" The real earthquake bomb, Barnes Wallace's Grand Slam weighed 10 tons and was designed to penetrate deep into the ground, shaking structures above. Even that would be unlikely to have an effect in the posed scenario.

Revealing mistake: In one shot, approximately just at the beginning of the actual attack, it shows a Mossie banking hard left at about 80° - the view is from the front. From the left wingtip, a "line" is shown continuing the dihedral angle to the edge of the frame. This is obviously a pair of control lines - so indicates it is a model being flown.

Trivia: All of the members of the Norwegian resistance movement (the Ling) are ambushed and wiped out by the Germans on their way to attack the defences. This would suggest that Erik Bergman must have broken under torture and given the information about the upcoming attacks to the Germans - allowing them to know where and when to ambush the resistance men. So the Wing Commander's murder mission was a waste of effort (or at least too late).

david barlow

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