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Corrected entry: In the scene at the courthouse, it seems as though the elderly woman behind Jim Carrey can hardly keep her eyes open. She actually opens them only twice while the camera is on her.

Correction: So there was a sleepy old woman in the courthouse. No mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the two kids find Peter's overturned wrecked car on the beach, the right front tire is missing. When the car landed in the water, all four tires were present.

Correction: While unlikely, it's at least possible that the car lost its tire while in the water, or somebody stole it before those boys found the car.

Corrected entry: When Adele takes Peter (Jim Carrey) to the building where they had their "secret place" (The basement where the statue of the falling soldiers is), check the front of the building before they enter the basement. It has the date "1976" above the door; but the movie occurs in 1951.

Correction: The date on the building is 1876, not 1976.

Corrected entry: When Jim wakes up on the beach, the sun is high up in the sky and very bright out as seen from the short shadows cast and him squinting. He and the old man then walk a ways to the town, and then Jim states how quiet it is, and the man states that it is still very early in the morning and not a lot of people are up. Therefore if he was found at say noontime by the man and dog, then it would have been much later when they got to town.

Correction: But it wasn't necessarily noontime when he was found. In midsummer here, right near the US border, it is light at 430 in the morning, and by 730 in the morning, the sun is high in the sky and shadows are short.

Corrected entry: When the theatre opens, we get to see the announcements of the films that are being shown. There are "An American in Paris" "A streetcar named Desire" and of course "Sandpirates of the Sahara". However, the slate above the ticketbooth also announces "Invasion of the bodysnatchers" being shown. Al these films are released in 1951, except for the last one. "Invasion of the bodysnatchers", according to, was released 1956.

Correction: Check the photos as the camera pans up into the apartment above. Pete & Adele are now married & have a son. Five years seems a reasonable amount of time for those changes, explaining the later date for the last film.

Corrected entry: At the begining of the movie Jim Carrey, as Peter Appleton, is at the theater in L.A. and with consessions in hand he stops and cleans the glass over the movie poster that has his name on it at the bottom as "written by...". When they show his name the poster number 51/346 is visible at the bottom meaning this was poster number 51 out of 346 posters. Later in the movie and several months into the plot when he is at the Majestic theater and the Sand Pirates movie is playing and he suddenly remembers who he is and runs to the lobby and looks at the bottom of the poster to find his name the poster has the very same number..51/346. I doubt that the L.A. theater would have folded up the poster and sent it to this small town in northern California. Most theaters kept the posters or gave them away.

Correction: 51/346 refers to release number 346 of the year 1951. This is a standard method of numbering that movie posters in the US have used for decades. Thus all copies the were printed of that particular poster would carry that number. A poster for a different title would carry a different number and so on.

Corrected entry: When the Majestic is in full operation, and Jim Carrey is cleaning the glass of the movie poster "Sand Pirates Of The Sahara", the movie poster is creased. Movie posters are usually shipped rolled up in a tube, not folded up.

Correction: Movie posters were shipped either folded or rolled up until the early 90's when practically all posters shipped rolled in tubes.

Corrected entry: When Peter Appleton leaves the studio, his place of employment, a view of the famous 'Hollywood Sign' is in the background. This film is set in 1947, the year of the well-known Hollywood Blacklist and HUAC hearings. Until 1949, the Hollywood Sign actually read 'Hollywoodland,' created as an advertisement for the orignal real estate development with the aforementioned name.

Correction: How can the movie be set in 1947 if Luke has been missing for 9 years? This would mean he went to war in 1938. There was a second set of HUAC hearings in 1951, which are the ones this film refers to. So the Hollywood sign is OK then.

Continuity mistake: After Jim Carrey crashes the car on the bridge and, we see in the long shots that the lamp on the half-broken post above him is swinging from side to side. However each time we cut to a closeup of Carrey's face, it is lit very evenly - although the only source of light nearby is swinging wildly.

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Adele: You remember movies but you don't remember your life?

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Question: How is it that everybody except Bob mistook Peter for Luke? Luke was well-known by the whole town so it seems kind of strange that they would mistake a complete stranger with amnesia for someone they've actually known for a long time.

Answer: The father showed a picture of Luke. Peter and Luke were identical twins.

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