Wet Hot American Summer

Continuity mistake: Even though it's supposedly warm enough to go swimming and wear shorts, you can see the actors' breath as they speak. It's very noticeable in the first mess hall scene where Gene is yelling and later when Andy is watching the kid water ski.

Continuity mistake: When Coop tells Katie he's going to cancel the order of onions and limburger cheese, there's a girl with a red and white striped shirt passing by him on his left side. The shot changes to Katie, and when it goes back to Coop, the same girl is passing him but on his right side now. (00:05:50)


Continuity mistake: At the very beginning of the movie, the kids are trying to wake Coop up by singing to him. We see an overhead shot of the kids and the redheaded boy without a shirt on is to the right of the boy with the tennis racket. The shot changes and the red headed boy is now on the left of the kid with the tennis racket. (00:02:40)


Continuity mistake: During the talent show scene, the boy in front of JJ and McKinley keeps changing. First it's a boy wearing a white and red shirt, and then it's a boy wearing a green and orange shirt.


Continuity mistake: After Beth finishes talking to the counselors and they all walk away, she yells something at all of them, and Katie can be seen on the left side of the screen, at the bottom of the steps tying her shoe. When the shot changes to JJ and McKinley, you can see Katie in the background, suddenly at the top of the steps.


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Continuity mistake: When Andy is standing by the table, Lindsay comes over telling him that she wants to make out, but he's all disgusted because she has BBQ sauce all over her face. For the first few angles of the scene, the BBQ sauce is on the corner of her mouth, and on the side of her face a little. But in one angle, it is ALL over her mouth. Then it comes back to the previous angles and it is back in the corner of her mouth again. (00:49:15)

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Suggested correction: They keep adding more sauce intentionally for comedy.

Continuity mistake: When Coop runs to Katie's cabin and sees her talking to Andy, right before he runs up the steps you can see the cabin door is closed. The shot changes and suddenly the door is wide open. Also when he runs up it's sunny, but when he's talking to her it's raining, then it's sunny when he's running off. (00:57:25)


Continuity mistake: When the "new" Coop enters the talent show, look behind Katie and Andy and notice that the lock on the door is unhooked. When Coop walks over to them, the lock is now hooked. (01:22:25)


Continuity mistake: When Ben and Susie are talking to the kids about being in the talent show, if you look at the window behind them, it is raining, but a few seconds later when the scene changes to outside, it is a bright and sunny day. Also, I was an extra in the movie (I sit in front of Abby and Lindsey when they're making out in the talent show) and it rained the whole time while they filmed the movie.

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Andy: You taste like a burger. I don't like you anymore.

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