Wet Hot American Summer
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Other mistake: Victor and Neil leave in the Rally STX van to take the boys to Moose River. Later, when Beth goes into town the license plate number is '566 241' on her Chevy pickup, but when Victor drops Neil and the boys off, we see their Rally STX has the same license plate number '566 241' as well. (00:30:40 - 00:36:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Beth is talking to all the camp counselors on the steps, the nurse suddenly disappears from the steps. This is evident when they are all walking away she cannot be seen where she was sitting earlier. (00:21:50)


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Bobby's Buddy: Andy, have you seen my swimming buddy? If I can't find him, I'm telling Beth that you let him drown.
Andy: I was busy!
Bobby's Buddy: It's your job to make sure kids don't drown.

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