Bad Taste

Bad Taste (1987)


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Derek: Suck my spinning steel, shithead.

Barry: Why can't aliens be friendly?
Derek: There's no glowing fingers on these bastards, we've got a bunch of Extra-Terrestrial psychopaths on our hands, like a visit from a planet full of Charlie Mansons, they've started on something small, its my guess they'll go onto something bigger next time, Christchurch, Wellington.
Barry: Auckland?
Derek: Yeah, well, that wouldn't be so bad.

Alien Leader's Voice: I think the gruel is ready.

Derek: Well this sure has buggered your plans for conquering the world, eh? Hehe... my friend, the astro-bastard, time for talkies. By the time my colleagues get here I want to have you babbling in some extra-terrestrial language.

Alien Leader's Voice: I expect you're wondering what you're doing soaking in Reg's eleven secret herbs and spices. Tomorrow we're having you for lunch.

Alien Leader's Voice: I'm sure you'll be pleased to be leaving this shitty planet.

Derek: I'm a Derek and Dereks don't run.

Alien Leader's Voice: That's the end of those weekend cowboys.

Ozzy: The bastards have landed.

Coldfinger: I think this is a job for real men.

Barry: I think Derek's turned his toes up, guys.

Frank: Well, I guess we'll have to issue a gun to Ozzy.
Barry: Yeah, but don't forget about his personality disorder.

Derek: What are you dirty hooers doing on my planet?

Derek: Stay where you are then, and I'll give you an eye witness description of this, intergalactic wanker.

Derek: Stick all the bits of brain in a plastic bag, Barry. We'll need them for analysis.
Barry: No bloody way mate. You can come down here and do that yourself.

Lord Crumb: The sad news is that we will be heading for Nalic Nod with six of our co-workers in a state of permanent death. They died today, murdered by some real assholes.

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Visible crew/equipment: When the guy falls off the cliff and splats on the rocks below, if you watch it in slow motion, you can just see an orange bucket appear for a few moments which chucks the blood in the air. (00:23:25)

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