Bad Taste
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Visible crew/equipment: When the guy falls off the cliff and splats on the rocks below, if you watch it in slow motion, you can just see an orange bucket appear for a few moments which chucks the blood in the air. (00:23:25)

Visible crew/equipment: When the camera pans alongside the blue van, which is shaking, because Derek is spasming on the ground you can see some sort of dolly or camera with small wheels being pushed along. (01:01:10)

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Continuity mistake: The way that Derek's scarf is tied, and the position of it, and the way it hangs etc., changes between various shots throughout the movie. One good example is when he pulls the gun out of the stupid alien's body. (00:18:55)

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Alien Leader's Voice: I expect you're wondering what you're doing soaking in Reg's eleven secret herbs and spices. Tomorrow we're having you for lunch.

Derek: I'm a Derek and Dereks don't run.

Derek: What are you dirty hooers doing on my planet?

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