The Fox and the Hound

Corrected entry: Copper is chasing a white rabbit and turns into a puppy, then back into a dog, for a brief moment. This was on the DVD.

Correction: There are no continuity issues with Copper within this scene. We are shown three different scenes of Amos Slade's winter trip for the hunting season. In the first scene, early in the trip we see Copper is still a small puppy when Chief rescues him from the snow, and in the third scene Copper is a large fully-grown adolescent who is a trained hunting dog. It's during the second hunting trip scene that Copper chases the white rabbit, and at this point Copper still has puppyish behavior as he's growing into an adolescent.

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Corrected entry: We see Boomer the woodpecker peck the end of a tree branch off in an attempt to get the green caterpillar. When the branch falls, Boomer stays in midair for a second, then he falls to the floor. But being a woodpecker, why not just fly from the ground instead of continuing to fall? (00:15:15)

Correction: Seriously? Because that's the whole point. Boomer is a bit of a hokey woodpecker who was taken by surprise and just wasn't thinking.

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Continuity mistake: When Tod goes up to Chief saying what big teeth he's got, Chief's teeth are perfectly white. Then later when Chief is chasing Tod, his teeth are a noticeable yellow. (00:22:30 - 00:23:45)

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Adult Copper: Tod... I don't want to see you get killed.

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Trivia: When Todd and Copper are playing hide-and-seek, look at the bush Todd is hiding in and you can see three berries which form a "Hidden Mickey."

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Question: How did chief survive getting hit by a train, and falling down, and only ending up with an injured leg?

Answer: He fell into the water so he could have very easily broken his leg on something in the water like a rock.

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