Corrected entry: When Phillipe is walking through the forest after escaping the prison, he mentions how he'd like to have some hot cabbage just like his mother use to make. Later when Etienne tells Phillipe that he would help him back into the city, Phillipe mentions not on the life of his mother even if he knew who she was. Since he remembered what his mother made for him when he was a child, he should also know exactly who she was.

Correction: It's well established that Philippe tends to stretch the truth when it suits him. Apparently it suited him at that time.


Corrected entry: In an early scene, "the Mouse" is escaping from prison. As he digs through the muddy walls, he says: "Not unlike escaping mother's womb." Just after this line, if you listen closely, you can hear a crew member say: "Cut."

Correction: No, didn't happen. Right before he delivers the "escaping womb" line there is a sound like "Aww. Cut" but that's his guttural sounds of wriggling outta the space. After he speaks the line, as mentioned by the commenter, it just cuts to the next scene with no other spoken sounds.

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