Monster's Ball

Lawrence Musgrove is electrocuted as planned, despite Sonny Grotowski spoiling his long walk...prompting pa to publically beat him. Next morning Hank breaks into his offsprings bedroom to continue the beating only for Sonny to pull a gun on Hank. Sonny shoots himself in the chest when he finds out how much his dad despises him. Tyrell Musgrove a fellow gifted artist like his late father who's set on eating himself to death (from filling the void of his absent father) is instead run over and the hit and run driver is never caught. Hank puts his dad Buck in an old people's home for his behavior towards Leticia Musgrove who secretly discovers Hank was connect to her husband's execution. Despite this both stay together united by their grief and tragedy in their lives and the common loss of their sons.

Continuity mistake: When Billy Bob and Halle are having sex, in one shot her underwear is on and in another shot her knickers are around her thighs/legs. These two shots alternate throughout the sex scene. (01:11:20)

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Ms. Guillermo: You must love him very much.
Hank Grotowski: No, I don't. But he's my father. So, there it is.

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Trivia: For her role in the film, Halle Berry became the first black actress (even though she is actually bi-racial, as her mother is white) to win an Oscar for "Best Actress."


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Question: During the infamous lust scene, several times you see people's hands inside a bird cage. What is the significance of this?

Answer: Symbolism for trying to break free of her situation.

Larry Koehn

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