Monster's Ball

Corrected entry: While in bed during the second & final sex scene, Halle's bra strap is black, but when Billy Bob returns with ice cream & they move out to the steps, her bra strap is now white.

Correction: Halle is wearing a necklace. From one angle this necklace looks a bit like a white strap, bit it isn't. Halle's bra is hidden under her gown throughout the whole scene.


Factual error: Billy Bob Thorton wore a uniform with a Louisiana state patch on it. All of the cars have Georgia license plates.

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Hank Grotowski: I went by our station on the way home... I like that sign. I think we're gonna be all right.

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Trivia: For her role in the film, Halle Berry became the first black actress (even though she is actually bi-racial, as her mother is white) to win an Oscar for "Best Actress."

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