Monster's Ball

Factual error: Billy Bob Thorton wore a uniform with a Louisiana state patch on it. All of the cars have Georgia license plates.

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Factual error: The movie was filmed in Louisiana, but they try to pass it off as Georgia. The encounters with the prostitute are at 'Sugar Bowl Court Motel' which is an actual motel on Airline Highway right outside New Orleans. Plus why would you name a motel in Georgia after the Sugar Bowl?


Factual error: There is no way that Billy Bob Thorton would have been able to remove the bullet from the chair after his son's suicide. The bullet would have been removed by the local Medical Examiner to confirm that the cause of death was in fact caused by a bullet being shot from that particular gun. This is one of the standard procedures related to all suicides in the US when a bullet can be retrieved from the scene of death.




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