Big Fat Liar

Continuity mistake: When Marty is up on the roof with Jason after being busted as a liar, he looks down at Marcus Duncan standing in front of eight live feed monitors, but in Duncan's close-up there are fourteen monitors. The entire top row of monitors is gone in the wideshots. (01:17:55)

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Continuity mistake: After Marty leaves the birthday party and asks Monty to reschedule with Marcus Duncan, when his car's radio starts blaring Marty's wearing his seatbelt in the shot facing him, but in the next side shot as he tries to turn off the radio Marty's seatbelt is instantly off. (00:47:35)

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Continuity mistake: During Marty's drive to the bogus address, when he is done speaking with Monty, just as he says, "Wolf out!" he pulls the phone wire and the earpiece actually pops out of his ear, but in all of the following shots that earpiece is still in his ear. Since the super-glued earpiece is one of the main plot points, this is bizarre to say the least. (00:44:25)

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Marty Wolf: First lesson in Hollywood, sweetheart: Always get it in writing.

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Trivia: Director Shawn Levy has a cameo during the "Whitaker and Fowl" party after the premiere, as the first guest bashing Marty's movie. (00:52:50)

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