Big Fat Liar
Big Fat Liar mistake picture

Other mistake: When Marty Wolf gets out of his pool, his shorts aren't dyed blue. If that one little bottle of light blue dye was enough to dye Marty Wolf's skin, it certainly would have dyed his shorts.

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Other mistake: When Marty Wolf is chasing Jason on the cart, as they drive through the winter set you can see the fake snow get on the camera lens.

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Other mistake: Towards the beginning of the movie, directly after Jason's parents leave the house, Jason's sister's boyfriend drives up in an SUV to pick her up (the music in his SUV is blaring). The window on the passenger's side door is open. When Jason's sister opens the passenger's side door to the SUV, the already blaring music becomes louder, as if much more sound is escaping the vehicle. When she shuts the door after entering the vehicle, the music becomes quieter again.

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Marty Wolf: First lesson in Hollywood, sweetheart: Always get it in writing.



During Marty's drive to the bogus address, when he is done speaking with Monty, just as he says, "Wolf out!" he pulls the phone wire and the earpiece actually pops out of his ear, but in all of the following shots that earpiece is still in his ear. Since the super-glued earpiece is one of the main plot points, this is bizarre to say the least.



Director Shawn Levy has a cameo during the "Whitaker and Fowl" party after the premiere, as the first guest bashing Marty's movie.