Bless the Child

Maggie's drug addicted sister, Jenna, shows up one night with a new born baby in tow. the baby is only nine days old and Jenna doesnt know what to do. Maggie lays the baby on the ground as her sister tells her that her name is Cody and that she is going to take a bath. Instead, she takes off out the front door leaving her single older siser to care for her new born.

Three years past, and Maggie is told that the child is autistic. Maggie's world revolve around this child and she loves Cody as if she were her own child and she struggles with the fact that Cody is autistic.

Three more years past and around the city, 6 year old children are disappering and turning back up with cult symbols craved into their bodies. The local police "borrow" a FBI cult specialist to solve these sick murders.

Meanwhile, Maggie comes home one day to find a limo and her sister and her new husband, the famous cult leader, Eric Stark, on her front step.

Both are demanding to have Cody, but only Eric Stark has darker reasons why he should have this 6 year child.


Continuity mistake: When Eric and Cody goes to the back alley somewhere, he unscrews the cap to the kerosene can and sets it down. In the next shot,the homeless man picks it up and unscrews it again.

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Eric Stark: Oh Maggie, are you really going to shoot me in front of Cody?
Maggie O'Connor: Close your eyes, honey.

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Question: When Cody is balled up frightened under a table, she hears laughter and goes to look out the window. The laughing turns out to be several punks in the alley stabbing something, what is it?

Answer: It appears to be some kind of stray animal, possibly a cat from the small size.

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