Bless the Child

Bless the Child (2000)

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Cody is almost the same as Christ and Stark is almost like the Devil. Cody will lead many people to God and Stark cant have that, he needs her to be on his side in this war of souls between Satan and God. On her birthday, a star shone brighter than the others symbolizing her arrival into the world. Stark began looking for her by killing all those born on her birthday that didnt have her special gifts. (healing, and others). Each child he killed brought him that much closer to Cody. Cody is kidnapped taken to Eric Stark's up state estate where she is to choose between the Devil and God in a cult ceremony. Maggie and the FBI detective track him. The detective gets ambush in the house by Stark's psychotic teenage followers and Maggie runs into the woods after a child in a white dress who she thinks is Cody. (its not, by the way.) Maggie gets dragged into the back woods church to witness the sick ceremony. Stark puts a machete, (a huge knife), to Cody's throat and tells her to choose Satan or she will die. She refuses. Stark then uses Maggie to make Cody choose by aiming a gun at her head and telling her that Maggie will die if she doesnt choose Satan. An officer from outside the church surprises everyone by throwing a gas bomb into the church, this starts a stampede, which in turn starts a fire in the church from people knocking over the many candles that are scattered everywhere in the place. Maggie stabs Eric in the side and runs to Cody who is sitting on the altar. Eric shoots her twice, one in the back and the other in the chest. She dies, but Cody heals her. Three angels descend on Cody and Maggie and protects them from Eric who was about to kill them both. The detective busts in and shoots him, runs to Maggie and Cody at the altar, has to shoot Eric's henchman, (who jumps out of nowhere), and runs them out of there. Maggie goes back to save Jenna and then runs out of there. The movie ends with Maggie, Cody, and the detective walking down the street about to go to church to hear the bells. One of Stark's psychotic teenage henchmen comes running around the corner about to stab Cody to death when she turns around and stops him dead in his tracks with just a look. He turns around and runs away. Then the three walk toward the church.(*note* christina ricci used to be in the cult, but she got out. Her former peers try to make it look like she overdosed but she survived long enough to warn Maggie about keeping Cody safe. They hunt her down and kill her in a subway station by beating her to death and beheading her. But not before she is able to give Maggie a gun and Stark's address. )


Continuity mistake: When Agent Travis and Maggie arrive at Stark's estate, Travis exits from the rear of the squad car with no assistance from the officer in front. However, police cruisers have no door handles on the inside of the rear doors.

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Question: When Cody is balled up frightened under a table, she hears laughter and goes to look out the window. The laughing turns out to be several punks in the alley stabbing something, what is it?

Answer: It appears to be some kind of stray animal, possibly a cat from the small size.

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