Super Troopers

Other mistake: In the shot where Ramathorne is at the gun range, about to shoot Mac in the bullet proof cup, he is talking to Foster and Rabbit about how they are going to get in to the Spurbury Police Lockup. If you watch him draw his gun, he moves his other hand down to chamber a bullet, the sound effect is heard, but he never actually pulls the action back on the gun.

Other mistake: In the scene where Thorny, Mac, and Foster put Rabbit in the locker with the shaving cream, the Captain comes in and shows them an article in the newspaper about the fight with the Spurbury cops at the Winnebago murder scene. The article, which is entitled "Highway Patrol Out of Control." has nothing to do with the fight (if you pause the movie, preferably on the DVD, read a little bit of the article. The article is about an art sculpture exhibition and has nothing to do with the fight.) (00:21:55)

Other mistake: In the scene where the troopers are testing the bullet proof cup, the captain (actor Brian Cox) arrives and explains that he created this joke to test rookies. He takes the gun from one of the troopers and fires to show that the gun is loaded with blanks. But the gun is loaded with real bullet and blows out a window in one of the police cars. At the moment the shot sounds and the window breaks, Cox is pointing the gun well above the car. The angle that Cox is holding the gun would have caused the bullet to go at least 10 feet above the car; not even close to the broken window.

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