Rabbit-Proof Fence

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Molly and Daisy meet their mother again they run towards each other through a light forest. Then there is a cut against the evening sky where they fall into each others' arms, and it's an open area with no trees nor bushes.



Continuity mistake: When the girls sit down for their first breakfast at Moore River a mug appears next to Molly's plate when the camera aims across the table.



Continuity mistake: When Molly finds out from a worker that they are following the wrong fence her hair changes completely (almost covering her face) when the man tells them about the shortcut they can take.



Continuity mistake: At the time of the evening check when the girls are found missing the sky is dark and overcast. Then it cuts to the girls running through the forest and the sun is shining again. Also when Moodoo the tracker discovers their footprints at the outhouse (quite a feat considering the number of girls which have left their tracks around there) the sun is shining.



Continuity mistake: When a policeman drives into the train station compound and goes after Gracie, who is running away, a bicyclist appears next to his car out of nowhere.



Continuity mistake: When Molly tries to steal eggs she picks up a piece of bread from the ground and puts it into her mouth. When she is caught by the farmer's wife and turns around most of the piece sticks out of her mouth.



Continuity mistake: In the scene where the three girls get abducted Daisy is put into the car second. She moves up to the side window and looks out, but when the camera angle changes as Molly gets pushed in she is leaning against Gracie.



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