Rabbit-Proof Fence

Deliberate mistake: When the girls are shown at home at the beginning of the film they speak in their native tongue except when they talk to whites. Also at Moore River they get sometimes scolded for using that 'jabber language'. Therefore, it seems wrong that on their walk home they talk to each other only in English. (Though the director admits on the commentary that he felt this would be unrealistic, he decided the audience would connect with the girls if they speak English rather than reading subtitles.)


Factual error: In the evening check at the dormitory, when the girls are found missing, the nun calls Daisy Kalibil. In real life the 8-year-old Daisy was promised to a man named Kalibil whom she married later, but at that time she was still Daisy Craig. (00:31:20)

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A.O. Neville: If only they would understand what we are trying to do for them.

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