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Magnum Force (1973)

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Corrected entry: The bomb planted in Harry's mailbox is set to explode when the mailbox is opened. So why does it need a timer attached to it?


Correction: As a backup detonator.


Corrected entry: During the final scenes of the film, Clint Eastwood in his Ford is being tailed by a policeman on a motorcycle. The policeman pulls out his gun and fires a few shots with his right hand. The motorcycle's throttle is on the right hand side of the handlebars, but still this bloke somehow maintains speed.

Correction: Some law enforcement agencies in the US used motorbikes with a left handed throttle for such use. There are also throttle locks.

Corrected entry: During Davis' combat pistol round, we see him shoot a standup target from the target's perspective. He fires twice, but we see a second bullet hole pop out before the second shot is fired for a total of three holes from only two bullets.

Correction: The target was shot at once prior to the camera cutting to the target's perspective, so in total it was hit 3 times with 3 bullets, thus the 3 holes.


Corrected entry: During the final car chase, there are multiple sets of skid marks on the winding road from previous takes.

Correction: This type of "mistake" has been posted and corrected for numerous different movies. This is San Francisco, where tire tracks on the street are not entirely unusual. It isn't all that unusual to see tire tracks on the switchback part of Vermont Street, on which part of the car chase happens.


Visible crew/equipment: After the pimp is stopped by the policeman on the motorcycle and shot, the camera pulls back showing the pimp's arm lolling through the car window and the reflection of the camera crew moving about on the back, driver's side wing.

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Lieutenant Briggs: Suppose they panic and start shooting?
Harry Callahan: Nothing wrong with shooting as long as the right people get shot!

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Trivia: After Lou Guzman is killed by a police officer, we cut to a scene where Charlie McCoy is confronted by the officer who shoots him dead in the process. In this scene McCoy was played by another actor as Mitchell Ryan was too ill to film his death scene.

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Question: I'm not sure if he already suspected them at the time, but why exactly did Harry want to take Davis and Sweet to arrest the gangster?


Answer: Because Davis and Sweet demonstrated keen interest, skill and knowledge of firearms (particularly of Harry's .44 Magnum) when they first met. They were flattering Harry, probably in anticipation of inviting him to join their death squad. Harry was impressed and asked for them specifically, even though they were rookies, but he didn't suspect them of being the vigilante killers at that point.

Charles Austin Miller

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