Corrected entry: While the mouse is listening to "Baby Mine," watch his eyes. During one shot, I think it's the first one of him swaying back and forth and smiling, the white around his pupils suddenly turns to gray.

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Correction: Just watched this and his eyes remain white throughout the entire scene.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the ringmaster is explaining his new idea for a performance to the janitor, he mentions "until finally all seventeen elephants have constructed an enormous pyramid", but in the elephant pyramid scene there is only 7-8 elephants.


Correction: The remaining elephants would have to be trained, yet. They won't instantly know how to do it, and can't all be trained at once.


Continuity mistake: When the elephants in the circus are making a pyramid on top of a ball, as it changes from shot to shot the colour of the blankets on their backs changes, and one of the elephants changes from grey to blue.

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Choral Effects: We work all day/We work all night/We never learned/To read or write/We're happy-hearted roustabouts!/When other folks/have gone to bed/We slave until/We're almost dead/We're happy-hearted roustabouts.

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Trivia: The sequence with the multi-coloured elephants was based on an unused plan from Fantasia.

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Question: Are there any official names for the elephants (other than Dumbo and Mrs. Jumo)?

Answer: All the elephants are credited as "Elephant." The only difference is "Matriarch Elephant."

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