Continuity mistake: When the elephants in the circus are making a pyramid on top of a ball, as it changes from shot to shot the colour of the blankets on their backs changes, and one of the elephants changes from grey to blue.

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Revealing mistake: When the elephants are making fun of Dumbo in the train caboose, Dumbo's mother pulls a pin which causes the stall door above the other elephants to fall. When the door bounces back up, you can see that the animators forgot to draw the elephants' heads and trunks and only their bodies are visible.


Continuity mistake: At the end of "When I See an Elephant Fly," the crows laugh and tumble to the ground. In the two shots of them laughing on the ground, you can see a crow dressed in red and pink with a cigar in his mouth on the left side of the screen. This crow plus the four other crows in the shot PLUS the leader of the crows equals six crows. Throughout the rest of the sequence, there are only five crows, and the extra crow is never seen again.

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Continuity mistake: The same shot of the two elephants holding each other's trunks when the pyramid of elephants starts to collapse is shown twice.

Revealing mistake: When Mr. Stork is on the cloud and he looks down on Florida, you can see the cloud through his beak.

Continuity mistake: The number of elephants change constantly throughout the movie. Especially when the ringmaster introduces the elephant pyramid act, and there are 8 elephants in the ring, yet the finished pyramid only has 7.

Revealing mistake: When the stork is walking on top of the train looking for Mrs. Jumbo, there are clouds moving in the background. After the bear or whatever roars at the stork, a cloud moves to the right of the picture and finally goes off screen- except for the very tip of it. The tip of the cloud stays on screen, even though the clouds before it were moving at an even pace.

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Deliberate mistake: While the mouse is walking on Dumbo's trunk, there is a jump in the animation. He's facing Dumbo at one point, then all of the sudden he is in a different position and is facing the other way (this all occurring in the same shot). Look for it before the mouse says, "Dumbo, the great!"

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Continuity mistake: When the ringmaster tells the audience that he's going to build an elephant pyramid he's surrounded with elephants. From the shot behind him the elephants are gone.

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Continuity mistake: Dumbo's neck collar changes from being all red to red with a yellow stripe on it. For example, when Dumbo is getting ready for take off with the bird, it is just red. After Timothy jumps onto Dumbo's trunk from his hat, it has the yellow stripe again.


Factual error: When the stork is flying to deliver Dumbo, the map shows the state of Kentucky above Alabama and Mississippi instead of Tennessee. (00:07:15)

Continuity mistake: When Dumbo is free falling painted as a clown the two clowns on the left have black hair. The one on the lower right is bald. When the shot changes all three are red haired.

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Continuity mistake: When the movie begins hippopotamuses walk up a ramp. In the first shot the ramp is solid brown, a shot later horizontal planks appear.

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Continuity mistake: During the pyramid of pachyderms scene one elephant grabs an elephant by the tail with her trunk. The elephant that is being lifted has a blue blanket and blue hat as she is being lifted and swung. In the very next shot they change to purple.

Continuity mistake: When the stork gives Dumbo to Dumbo's mother, he tells her to sign a paper. Dumbo's mum writes an "X" mark in the sign space. On the paper is a "Received one elephant" picture, a sign that says "Signed" at the bottom and loads of dots next to it. In the next shot, the paper is totally blank, excluding the "X" mark.

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Ringmaster: Ladies and gentlemen! We will now present for your entertainment the most stupendous, magnificent, super-colossal spectacle! On this tiny, little, insignificant ball, we will construct for you a pyramid! Not of wood, not of stone.
Prissy: To hear him talk, you'd think he was going to do it.
Elephant Matriarch: The stuffed shirt.
Ringmaster: ...pyramid, of ponderous, pulsating, pulchritudinous pachyderms! I give you the elephants.

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Trivia: The sequence with the multi-coloured elephants was based on an unused plan from Fantasia.

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Question: Are there any official names for the elephants (other than Dumbo and Mrs. Jumo)?

Answer: All the elephants are credited as "Elephant." The only difference is "Matriarch Elephant."

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