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Continuity mistake: One scene shows a Blackhawk being called into the fray from circling the city. The first outside shot shows no one inside the bay then the next shot it's full of soldiers and guys sitting with their legs dangling out. (01:12:24)

Factual error: In the movie, the Rangers and Delta operators defending the crash site are engaged by several 'technicals' (pick-up trucks with crew served weapons mounted) including one with a recoilless rifle directed by the Somali 'head honcho'. Also, several technicals seem to (somewhat implausibly) spring from the woodwork as they flee the city on foot... However, during the entire course of the actual battle, there was never a SINGLE mention of the pinned down forces being engaged by such vehicles and the Rambo-style capture of the recoilless rifle was a comical fabrication.

Continuity mistake: When the soldiers first go into the town in the helicopters, one of the helicopters lands on a roof. The camera cuts away for a split second, but when it comes back to the helicopter that landed on the roof, the blades have stopped moving completely within that one second. (00:41:01)

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Suggested correction: Two problems with this mistake. First off, as the little bird is only dropping 4 guys off, then going to its holding pattern, there is no way the pilot would turn the rotors off. Secondly, the blades are out of shot of the camera so you can't confirm if they did stop.

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Other mistake: In one scene a pair of soldiers cut off from the main body of troops are trying to link up with some of their comrades. When the camera zooms in for a close-up of the soldier carrying an M-60 machine gun, the weapon appears to be loaded with a belt of blank rounds. (00:54:35)

Factual error: In one of the early scenes at the army base, the song "Die Born" by Days of the New can be heard playing over the PA system. This song was not released until 2001, eight years after the film takes place.

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Black Hawk Down mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After the failed femoral artery surgery attempt, that soldier slowly dies. When he finally stops breathing the medic jumps in to do CPR. The soldier dies with a blank stare, but during the shots of the medic doing CPR the dead man's eyes are closed. (01:54:40)

Revealing mistake: When the Hummvee's are heading back to base with the casualty, there is one shot of an RPG missing the convoy and hitting a person. It is obvious that this person is substituted for a dummy. (00:47:35)

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Black Hawk Down mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the Ranger driving the 5 ton truck is hit by the unexploded RPG, the closeup of his midsection shows (although VERY briefly!) the black special effects gaffer tape that secures the special effects charge. (01:25:00)

Visible crew/equipment: After the first black Hawk has crashed, a lone US soldier guarding the wreckage comes under attack by Somalis with RPGs. In a side shot of one of the missiles flying past the wreck, you can see a wire in the air along the trajectory. (00:56:35)

Audio problem: When trying to get Waddell on the radio, Galentine says he can't reach them. Camera changes and he's stopped talking but his mouth continues to move. (01:21:40)

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Revealing mistake: Just after Jamie 'Smitty' Smith has passed away due to being shot in the thigh, the medic starts CPR. The camera cuts from the medic to Smitty and you can see his eyes move. (01:54:57)

Black Hawk Down mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the two Delta snipers are approaching the second downed Black Hawk, a Somalian man in a white shirt is shown from behind. Clearly visible is a pack on his back. A few seconds later he is shot by one of the snipers in that exact spot. It's a blood pack. (01:23:45)

Other mistake: The credits (and various websites) lists Canadian-born actor Kim Coates as portraying the character Wex, but he actually plays Master Sergeant Tim "Griz" Martin. (02:12:40)


Visible crew/equipment: When McKnight's convoy rolls away from the scene where the Delta guy got his legs blown off, there is an explosion right next to one of the Humvees. You can see a small pile of dirt and the supposed grenade or RPG explodes exactly in the middle of it. Seems like it is an explosive charge that was deployed in the dirt bump for security reasons. (01:09:27)

Revealing mistake: At the shooting range just after Blackburn has reported to duty, a Humvee pulls up and the barrel of the .50 on top is wobbling - it's a rubber prop. (00:12:48)

Visible crew/equipment: During the scene after the soldier falls out of the helicopter, an intense gun battle breaks out. As the troops rally to evacuate the injured man, another soldier lays down some suppressing fire. Look in the lower left corner of the screen. Two crew members, one wearing eye protection and one wearing ear protection, are visible.


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Suggested correction: Both of whom are actually Rangers as they are seen in the distance.

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Visible crew/equipment: Near the beginning as the helicopters fly in formation to invade Mogadishu, you can see the tail control surface of the film helicopter providing the shot for said scene. (00:38:20)


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Suggested correction: Watching the film from when they take off to when they reach the city, there is no point where the tail of the filming helicopter is seen.

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Black Hawk Down mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Sizemore goes to cut off his cast, if you look closely the sleeve is down over the cast just before he pulls out the knife. Then it's rolled up. (01:14:14)

Factual error: After the second Black Hawk helicopter (Super 6-4) gets shot down, all of the crew members aside from the pilot appear to have been killed in the crash. In reality, all of the men survived the crash. They were later killed by the Somali mob, except for pilot Mike Durant who was taken prisoner.


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Suggested correction: Black Hawk Down is frequently regarded by many, including real participants of the battle, as a dramatization of what actually happened. Therefore some details will not match up to real events. This is simply one of those instances.

Factual error: In several shots where the helicopters are flying in the minutes after the start of the operation, you see the shadows of the choppers being projected from the sea to the coast. On an October afternoon, the sun would already be over the land to the west, casting shadows out to sea. (00:38:00)

Struecker: It's what you do right now that makes a difference.

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Trivia: In the scene where the Little Bird lands at the crash site, it's not an actor or a stunt man flying the helicopter. It's the actual pilot who landed the Little Bird at the crash site in Mogadishu.

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Question: In the scene where Eversmann is briefing his team ready for them to gear up and go out, he says something like "sorry ass JROTC". What does JROTC stand for? (00:26:00)


Chosen answer: Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp. You have JROTC in high school and ROTC in college. It's a way of getting a commission in the military early on. It's often not looked fondly upon by officers who came up through the enlisted ranks first.

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Answer: Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps is an elective course offered by many high schools, and taught by retired Commissioned and Warrant Officers, and retired senior noncommissioned officers. They do learn military drill and ceremonies, but not tactics and techniques of combat. The goal is to produce a well-rounded high school graduate who can enlist in the military at a higher pay grade. The joke, or derision, has to do with JROTC cadets who can March and salute.

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