Black Hawk Down

Corrected entry: When Chalk 4 are walking up to the crash and about 50 Somalians are walking parallel east of them and they get shot at with a RPG, the wall that gets hit has no mark on it. (00:55:32)

Correction: That's because it hits the ground. Not the wall.

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Corrected entry: Early in the movie when Pilla is making fun of CPT Steele, he is referred to as 'Specialist' (E-4) by CPT Steele right before CPT Steele puts him in the headlock. However, later in the movie when he is shot while up in the turret, SGT Strucker refers to him as 'Sergeant' Pilla (E-5). E-5/SGT is denoted by 3 chevrons on the collar and E-4/SPC is denoted by the rank seen on his collar during his scene with CPT Steele.

Correction: Dominick Pilla was promoted to Sergeant just before the raid. He was still a Specialist during the earlier scenes, but pinned on his Sergeant chevrons prior to the raid itself.

Corrected entry: When Gordon and Shughart go to the 2nd crash site and Gordon knocks on Durant's cockpit door, he asks him 'how bad' then fires his rifle. 2 cartridges are ejected but there is only one shot heard.

Correction: There are 2 shots in rapid succession.

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Corrected entry: When Grimes is being told he is going to fight, "Creep" by Stone Temple Pilots is playing in the background. Though this song was recorded in 1992, it wasn't released until November of 1993. The events of the movie occurred on October 3rd and 4th of 1993, the song wasn't released for another month.

Correction: Incorrect. "Creep" may have been released as a single in 1993, but the album it is from, "Core", was released on September 29, 1992, which means the song was available to consumers for a full year before the events of the movie take place. As long as the troops were playing that album as opposed to listening to the radio, then there is no reason why the song could not have been playing in this scene. Source: (Stone_Temple_Pilots_album).

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Corrected entry: During the scene when the windshield explodes on McKnight's humvee, he gets clipped in the neck by a bullet. At that moment you can see a bullet hole appear in his passenger seat window. Rewind however and you will see that a few seconds earlier there was no window there. The window only appeared when the bullet was shot.


Correction: I just watched that scene and the window stays there the whole time.

Corrected entry: When the two delta snipers are defending the second crash site, they sit the pilot down in a building right next to them. Several times it cuts to him sitting there defending their rear. Right after the first delta sniper is killed, it cuts to him again and he has the camo Car-15 in his lap. Following this, it cuts back to the downed chopper and the second delta sniper proceeds to take the camo Car-15 from his fallen comrade and bring it to the pilot covering his rear. The pilot shouldn't have the Car-15 in his lap when he does.


Correction: Shughart (the delta sniper still alive) grabbed the crew chief's M-16 to help him when his other weapons ran out of ammo. Also seen when he picks up the MP5A3 after he is shot.

Corrected entry: Toward the end of the movie when the soldiers get back to the stadium, and water is brought to them. Watch as a wide shot shows the soldier drinking all the water in the cup, it jumps to a close up and the cup is half full again and he splashes water on his face.


Correction: The close up is from one of the Delta's. He just sipped his water right before he threw the rest in his face. Grimes drinks it all, to which this one refers. Hoot is the one in the close up.

Corrected entry: The Somali on the cell phone phoning the militia was not possible. US army intelligence was jamming all non US radio and cell phone signals. This information is taken from the "Blackhawk Down" book. (00:35:30)

Correction: Several journalists were captured and killed in the city prior to the events depicted in the film. It's likely their phones were taken.

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Corrected entry: In the scene when Blackburn is reporting for duty he states that his birthday is 2-27-75 and his age is typed in that he is 18. But in 1992, with that birth date he would only be 17 years old.


Correction: It's stated that the film takes place in October 1993. Where did you get 1992 from?

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Corrected entry: During the scene when Chalk 4 is moving parallel to the crowd, and the .50 cal is waiting for them at the corner, they get pinned down. Shortly after that the Little Birds kill the .50 cal gunner. Right before that however, there is an above view of a helicopter that isn't seen at any time during the movie, neither a black hawk nor a little bird. From what I could tell it appeared to be a Huey.


Correction: It is a Huey, It's the C-2 Bird that the two Colonels that are coordinating air units with ground forces are flying in. After the meeting they note that they will be in the C-2 bird above the action at 500 feet.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jamie dies from his femoral artery wound, the close up shot of his face after he is already dead reveals his artery in the neck still beating.

Correction: He's dying, not dead. He slips into unconsciousness, but his heart keeps pumping for a few more seconds.

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Corrected entry: After Blackburn has fallen, Eversmann asks to call Steele. But actually it was Perino who he was talking to, when this fight happened.

Correction: MANY changes were made to factual accounts when converting the book to film. Entire characters were consolidated into others, making minor changes like this one necessary.

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Corrected entry: The scene where a soldier is calling to his wife and the machine answers is impossible, because there is a time difference of about 9 or 10 hours between Somalia and USA, it should be dark and everybody sleeping. (00:29:40)

Correction: Actually, it would be light when the phone call was made. I just returned from Iraq 7 months ago, and Iraq is only an 8 hr. time difference from Ft. Bragg, NC. Since the mission happened at 3pm, the time back in the states would be 7 or 8am.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the rangers are trapped in the building across from the first crash the camera is looking down from an aerial view of a helicopter. This helicopter is not a Black Hawk, but a Huey. You can tell by its single engine, and the fact it has landing skids. Black Hawks use wheels for landing gear.

Correction: Actually the bird seen is supposed to portray the 0h-58 observation birds, or maybe the uh-1y.

Corrected entry: When Durant is in the small room he is shooting through the holes in the walls at attackers. Even though the bricks making up the wall are large, none of them are ever hit by a bullet.

Correction: How is that a mistake? Surrant was firing through the wall. The attackers might not know where it is coming from so not fire at that wall. Hence, no bullet marks.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Blackburn is fast-roping out of the helicopter, SGT Evers initially is not wearing the goggles down over his eyes. In the shot after Blackburn falls and Evers leans over the edge of the helicopter, Evers is shown wearing his goggles down. In the next shot, he is wearing them up again. (00:43:23)

Correction: Evers pulls the goggles down just before fast roping and they stay on throughout the fast rope. They don't move.

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Corrected entry: The first time McKnight gets in his Humvee after the three Humvees leave the camera shows the Humvee from outside and there is no window in the front passenger door but when they show the Humvee from inside you can see the window. (00:34:30)


Correction: No window can be seen.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Super Six 1 picks up Hoot off the beach, the Hawk lands and we see the shadow of the rotors inside the cockpit. However when we look forward into the cockpit, these rotor shadows are not there. (00:12:00)

Correction: I just watched this scene 4 times and the mistake is not there.

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Corrected entry: When General Garrison is watching what's happening on the screens back at the JOC, they are in black and white; yet in the real event it states that he was watching it all on a colour screen.

Correction: It is colour screens, but the colour is subtle.

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Corrected entry: Almost every member of Chalk 4 in the movie were actually from the different chalks.

Correction: How is that a mistake?

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Visible crew/equipment: Near the end of the movie when the convoy is heading back to the Pakistan Stadium, a Humvee stops briefly to allow a man to walk across the street with a child in his arms. When the shot changes and the Humvee begins driving again, a crew member or cameraman is seen inside the Humvee wearing a white shirt. All of the men who entered the Humvee were wearing fatigues. (02:05:27)

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Pilla: Colonel, they're shooting at us! Colonel, they're shooting at us!
McKnight: Well shoot back!

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Trivia: According to veterans of the actual event, when the Rangers got the go-ahead for the mission and were getting their gear ready, "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N Roses was playing on the base's loudspeakers. There were some half-serious comments among the men about the appropriateness of this song. However, the film's producers failed to secure the rights to use "Welcome to the Jungle," so they substituted Faith No More's "Falling to Pieces"--which is perhaps thematically in line with what happened on the raid. (00:27:28)

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