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Corrected entry: When Jenna and the sick kids are in the taxi, they ask the driver if he can go faster. He then puts on a helmet and it goes to a shot of animals being hit. But in the rear view mirror you can see he has no helmet.

Correction: The guy in the rear view mirror is not the taxi driver - he's the driver who hits all the animals in "Road Kill: Caught on Tape", which Coop watches earlier on, which is why he has no helmet on, but the taxi driver does.

Heather Benton Premium member

Corrected entry: There's a scene where the huge, fat guy named Tuttle is approaching the plate and you can see him overshadow Squeak. The next shot, mere seconds later, the shadows are facing the other direction.

Correction: The overshadow is used for a comedic effect of how much taller Tuttle is than Squeak.

Corrected entry: In the last scene, where Coop and Remer make the double play to win the Denslow cup, watch Coop carefully as he makes the winning shot. Just as he catches the ball, he looks at the camera. In the next shot, as he's throwing the ball behind him but just before he hits the ground, he smiles. The whole scene is in slow motion, so it's not too difficult to miss.

Correction: It's obvious that he looks at the camera and smiles for comedic effect. Done purposely, it's not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Coop and Remer told Squeaks if he made a shot they would never call him Squeak or Bitch again, but when Coop psychs Squeak out we hear Squeak say "Huh," but his mouth doesn't move.

Correction: Your mouth doesn't have to move to say "huh". Try it, just open your mouth and make the sound. Easy, huh?


Corrected entry: When Cain is telling Coop that in order for the rules to change, every owner (of each team) has to vote 'yes'. Even if every owner voted yes (as you see later, Remer agrees since he is part owner of the team), Coop would still have jurisdiction over them since (as he tells Jenna) he is in charge of the league.

Correction: Yes, and? If every owner including Coop voted "yes" to a rules change, it would not matter if Coop had jurisdiction or not. He would not overrule himself, would he? I also doubt that he is in charge of the league. It sounds more that when he makes that statement it is to reflect that as owner, he can vote for rules changes along with the other owners and affect the entire league, nothing more.


Corrected entry: Right at the start when Remur is knocking on Britney's door, Coop is "watering" the plants, and there is not much room from his waist to where the stream of urine is coming out. However, later when they are in the change rooms and Jenna throws the papers/pictures on the bench, you see they have very long penises.

Correction: The scene in which they have long "units" was meant to be an exaggeration. It was put in for comedic effect. No mistake here.


Corrected entry: As Joe "Coop" Cooper is in his car travelling to the airport, a song (played by Parker and Stone's band, DVDA)is heard. Some of the lyrics are "You've got some yellow crumbs on your upper lip" Just after this, Coop looks in the rearview mirror and brushes his bottom lip.

Correction: He just brings his hand up to his mouth while looking in the mirror, you never see him actually brushing any part of it. To me it looked as if he was surprised to see the crumbs actually there and thought about brushing them off, but he was distracted when the song goes on to singing about his genital warts.


Corrected entry: When Ted Denslow is telling Coup that people only have attention spans measured in nanoseconds, the scene switches to Remer, who is amazed at a yellow bird. You can see the bird is only a few centimetres away from him, and his head is at a slight angle. Yet when we turn back to Ted and Coup, you can see Remer in the background, still looking at the bird, but this time he is looking straight up and the bird is alot further away from him than before. Afterwards, when the crowd get out of control, Remer is nowhere to be seen.

Correction: The shot where Remer is in the background happens several seconds later. All he would have to do is move one or two steps to a new position in this time. As for him disappearing later on; well, that just illustrates further how short his attention span is. He would have noticed something new (the wildly partying crowd, perhaps?) and moved on.


Correction: David Zucker and his production team wrote the original script from the movie and went to Trey and Matt with it asking if they would be in the movie.

Corrected entry: When Coop is talking to Baxter about Baseketball while walking through the field, Coop's jacket is buttoned up. However, whenever Baxter accidentally picks up the Chicken droppings, Coop's jacket magically comes unbuttoned.

Correction: No, Coop's jacket is unbuttoned throughout the whole scene.


Corrected entry: When Reemer and Coop are in the backyard in the beginning of the movie shooting hoops, every time they take a shot and make it the ball either stays near the house wall or either rolls to the side of the court. However in the next shot for either of them, they are shooting the ball without one of them going over and picking the ball up again. Conversation, etc. stays continuous.

Tobin OReilly

Correction: This was actually a deliberate mistake. Coop mentioned "as long as we don't have to run or jump or dribble or anything", and they aren't doing any of that.

Corrected entry: As fans of ska punk will know, the Beers' band is Reel Big Fish. But they are seen at other games where the Beers are playing away from home playing different songs for different teams, even though we've established Reel Big Fish are exclusive to the Beers. Surely Reel Big Fish aren't THAT indecisive.

Correction: It was never established that Reel big fish were the band of the Beers. They could easily have played at any stadium that they wanted to.

Corrected entry: When Coop misses the shot after they lose the Denslow cup, he falls on his front, but then the camera pans out to a wide shot and Coop is on his back.

Correction: I've checked it out with the zoom function on my DVD player. He is actually lying on his back, and his blonde hair makes it look like his face.

Corrected entry: Baxter mentions that Remer is driving an American car. Unfortunatly, the VW in which Coop is driving is a German car, not American.

Correction: Just because Coop is driving a VW doesnt mean Remer isnt driving an american car. Nowhere in the movie does it say that they share the same car.

Corrected entry: After the Beers make the playoff and Jenna runs off crying. You see Coop and Reemer walk by Baxter who has both hands in his pockets. Then a the camera cuts to a closer shot on Baxter and he now has one hand in his pocket and an eavesdropping device has magically appeared in his other hand.

Correction: David Zucker has a tendency of having his characters magically produce random objects.

Corrected entry: When the play BASEketball with Brittany's boyfriend, they take a picture and he shots the ball and breaks the glass, but in the next shot, you see the glass still there. (00:05:35 - 00:10:30)

Correction: The glass never broke, although the sound effect is still played.

Continuity mistake: Several of the players on the Beers' bench appear on the benches of several teams throughout the film. Overuse of extras perhaps?

David Mercier

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Narrator: Soon it was commonplace for entire teams to change cities in search of greater profits. The Minneapolis Lakers moved to Los Angeles where there are no lakes. The Oilers moved to Tennessee where there is no oil. The Jazz moved to Salt Lake City where they don't allow music. The Raiders moved from Oakland to LA back to Oakland. No-one in LA seemed to notice.

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Trivia: In the South Park episode about Mel Gibson's film, "The Passion of the Christ" Stan and Kenny travel to California to get their money back for the tickets they purchased to see Gibson's movie. Stan mentions to Kenny they would get their money back just like they did after seeing "BASEketball".

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Question: When Remer is showing Squeak around the house, they walk into a bedroom. Squeak sits on a pull-out bed, and Remer says 'That's Jenkin's Bed'.Who is he referring to?

Answer: Jenkins is their dog, the one that attacks him earlier in the film when he walks into the back yard.

Gary O'Reilly

And also attacks him seconds after this conversation.

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