Continuity mistake: Using the slingshot, when Bev is about to shoot the cans and bottles, there are 2 white bottles, 2 black bottles, and 3 brown cans. After she shoots the bottles, somehow a third white bottle appears to be shot after the first two were already gone.

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Continuity mistake: Richie is wearing a green brown and white striped shirt when we first see him in the school. But moments later he's wearing a solid mint green shirt.

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Other mistake: When Georgie is following the paper boat there is construction equipment on the road that he goes around, there is something burning there but it's pouring rain.

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Suggested correction: Those are oil lamps, they can keep burning in extreme conditions, including rain.



Factual error: The kids are leaving a movie theater that's playing I Was a Teenage Werewolf. This film was released in June of 1957. So one, they are in 1960 and this film would not still be playing. And two, they were shown still attending school, but they would not be attending school in June during summer break.

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Suggested correction: Before the rise of home video, movies had much longer theatrical lives. It was not uncommon for a film like this to be shown as a Saturday matinee years after its initial release. I personally remember a local theater showing movies from the 60s well into the 70s.

Factual error: During the scene while Georgie is running with his boat, look at the grass, and you can see that there is a good amount of sunlight. This wouldn't make sense to have a lot of sunlight during a big rainstorm. It should have been darker due the shadow of the thunderclouds.

Pennywise: [digging graves.] Take your pick, B-b-b-billy boy. Oh, except for the one on the end. That one's already taken. Sorry!

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Trivia: At the library IT writes something on the type-writer, a verse which Bill tells the others his mother gave him as a kid to help with his stuttering. The verse goes "He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts." In the book, young Bill used this verse to defeat IT in the Chüd ritual.

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Question: What is the deal with everyone saying "beep beep" to Ritchie every time he tells a joke?


Chosen answer: It's their way of telling Richie to be quiet. To get him to stop talking.

Answer: In the book it is explained that they are telling Richie to shut up.

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