Henry, the kid who bullied the seven friends when they were kids, was almost killed by IT, and took the blame for IT's crimes, breaks out of the insane asylum he's in (with IT's help), and stabs Mike, who goes to the hospital (Henry is then killed with his own switchblade). Then, Richie, Ben, Eddie, Bev and Bill go to the underground like place where IT lives. First, IT appears as Georgie, trying to get Bill, but they stop IT and continue. IT is in the shape of a large spider. After IT kills Eddie, Bev kills IT with a slingshot by shooting silver through its heart. They follow IT back to IT's hideout in the sewers, and tear it apart. Then, Bill's wife Audra (captured by IT) is then saved by Bill. Richie then gets a part in a movie. Ben and Bev got married and Bev got pregnant. Bill and Audra packed up, ready to leave the town. Audra had been in a shocked, unable to move or speak state from being captured by It, but does wake up from it.


Revealing mistake: In the library scene when Richie sees Pennywise the clown, all the balloons filled with blood are popping on people who aren't supposed to be able to see them, but one lands on a lady and you can see her jump as the balloon pops.

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Pennywise: I'm every nightmare you've ever had. I'm your worst dream come true. I'm everything you ever were afraid of.

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Trivia: Tim Curry admitted that while he enjoyed working on the film, he was ultimately disappointed by the finished product, mainly due to the ending. He felt the final creature (a massive spider) was poorly executed and a massive let-down, and lacked any sense of fear or suspense.

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