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Ocean's Eleven (1960)

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Corrected entry: Duke offers to get the casino owner's money back for a cut of 30%. When he figures out that Danny's group has the money, he demands half. Bad deal - he'd have to have 70% just to break even.

Correction: Santos appears yes to be a rather greedy character. But even so he is ready to go behind the casino owners because of Jimmy's mother who he is going to marry. Specifically stating to Danny Ocean that if he and his friends had been professionals mobsters, he would have put them out but because of Jimmy he rather just get in on the whole thing. So this is more of a character actually willing to cut down a bit the money he gets rather than plot hole. Of course with the threat of taking this all to the police if they refuse.

Factual error: When one of the men visits a doctor and learns he is terminal, the X-ray in the scene is upside down.

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Vince Massler: If it's so fool-proof, why hasn't somebody done it yet?
Danny Ocean: Same reason nobody's gone to the moon yet - no equipment.
Jimmy Foster: And we're equipped.

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