Black Rain

Continuity mistake: During the big fight scene at the end of the movie, both Nick and Sato become totally saturated and covered in mud. Nick defeats Sato, and is shown to have immediately arrested Sato and brought him to the police station. It is clear they came directly to the station from the fight, yet there is now hardly any mud on either of them.

Continuity mistake: Near the end, when Michael Douglas has convinced the Yakuza boss to let him tag along to that meet of Oyabun's out at the farm, they drive down this dirt road, then kick Douglas out of the car. After doing so, he's standing there a little ways away from the car. A henchmen throws him a shotgun with a modified handle. We see it land at his feet, with the trigger side facing the camera. It cuts to a shot of his face, and he reaches down to pick up the shot gun, and the camera pans down and we see right before he picks it up that the trigger was now facing him before he put his hand on it.


Continuity mistake: During the fight scene at the end of the movie with Michael Douglas and Yakuza boss, Douglas has his hands up to fight, but in the background are trees and another set of hands. These hands are not the Yakuza boss. They are probably someone from the set.

Continuity mistake: Right before Sato decapitates Charlie, he looks back from his motorcycle at Nick and draws his Sword, holding it up with the blade pointing slightly upwards. From the angle behind him,he lowers the blade and then in the corresponding front angle, he immediately lowers the blade again.

Continuity mistake: At the very end of the film, the antagonist who had previously sliced his pinky off in a ritual has magically grown it back.

Revealing mistake: Watch Andy Garcia's decapitation scene. His head starts to come off before the sword makes contact with his neck. Slow motion helps but is not required.

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Berg, Internal Affairs: That's a king-sized nut. I admire your thrift.
Nick Conklin: Yeah, well, life's a bitch.
Crown, Internal Affairs: We did the math, Hero. You're twenty grand in the hole a month. You're into the shylocks, Conklin, you're takin'.
Nick Conklin: Look, you wanna charge me, you charge me, okay? You wanna jerk off, you go back to your office.

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Trivia: A great deal of the film was actually shot in Japan, and it was reportedly very difficult on the cast and crew. The cost to film in Japan was very high, and the shoot was highly restricted, causing frequent issues. The original cinematographer even left production because he became too frustrated by the experience. Filming was eventually moved to the US to combat these issues.


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