15th Jul 2004

King Arthur (2004)

Continuity mistake: During the battle at the end of the movie, the first wave of Saxon infantry is sent through the open door in Hadrian's Wall, and then it closes behind them. Mayhem ensues. All but one of the soldiers escapes after the Wodes fire arrows at them while the Knights ride them down. The single survivor staggers through the opening doors (which open just a crack, enough for the guy to slip through), and then stands there, and in that shot we see the doors behind him are now closed. An instant later, it cuts to the hillside where the Knights are standing on their horses looking down at the wall, and we see the doors both standing wide open. Scene cuts back, and we see they're closed again.


14th Jun 2004

Black Rain (1989)

Continuity mistake: Near the end, when Michael Douglas has convinced the Yakuza boss to let him tag along to that meet of Oyabun's out at the farm, they drive down this dirt road, then kick Douglas out of the car. After doing so, he's standing there a little ways away from the car. A henchmen throws him a shotgun with a modified handle. We see it land at his feet, with the trigger side facing the camera. It cuts to a shot of his face, and he reaches down to pick up the shot gun, and the camera pans down and we see right before he picks it up that the trigger was now facing him before he put his hand on it.


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