Amadeus (1984)

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Mozart drinks himself ill while he is writing Salieri's requiem and Schikaneder's Vaudeville "The Magic Flute". During the premier of "The Magic Flute", Mozart collapses while playing the piano for the play. Salieri takes him home and insists that he helps Mozart in writing the Requiem. During this time, Constanze returns home from the spa in the morning to find Mozart sleeping in bed and Salieri sleeping in her son's little bed. Contanze wakes Salieri up and asks him to leave. Salieri refuses, saying he'll only listen to Mozart. Irritated, Constanze tells Mozart to tell Salieri to leave only to find him dead in his bed. Mozart is taken to the graveyard and is cast into a grave.


Visible crew/equipment: When Mozart and family visit a parody on several operas of his in a public theater, in one part of the show little people appear from all sides of the stage. When the last of the little people (carrying a model of horse) hops through a paper wall on the side of the stage, you can see a man in jeans walking behind the set.

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Emanuel Schikaneder: Look, I asked you if we could start rehearsals next week and you said yes.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Well, we can.
Emanuel Schikaneder: So let me see it. Where is it?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Here. It's all right here in my noodle. The rest is just scribbling. Scribbling and bibbling, bibbling and scribbling.

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Trivia: The producers purposely went with relatively unknown actors for the film, because they thought they'd be more believable than stars who people already identified in different roles.

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