Black Knight

Black Knight (2001)

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Continuity mistake: After Jamal saves Knolty's life, Knolty is sitting up on the ground. In a shot from behind him, his arms are holding him up, however when it switches to a shot from his front, his arm appears on his chest though only a split second later.

Factual error: When Jamal is to be executed, the executioner chokes on the melon. However, he is coughing. It is impossible to cough while choking due to the blockage of the windpipe. (00:51:30)

Factual error: In the 14th century, Normandy was an enemy of Britain's. There is no way a Duke from Normandy would marry an English princess.

Continuity mistake: When they're closing the portcullis as Jamal is escaping, when the guard is struck, the last horizontal beam is shoulder level, with the spikes much lower. When the camera changes angle, the gate has risen so the spikes are nearly above his head and Jamal is no longer as crouched down to get under.


Continuity mistake: After Jamal receives lordship, there is a scene where he is conducting a meeting with the other lords. When he first walks in, there is a pocket on the upper left side of his shirt. In the next shot of him, the pocket is gone, revealing his "Sky" logo. Then in the next shot, it's back on again, and in this instance he makes a show of ripping off the pocket to reveal the logo.

Other mistake: Lawrence travelled back to the exact same date hundreds of years ago. However, the calendar has been changed significantly, including the elimination of eleven days in the 1700s to match the Gregorian calendar we now use, such that to go back exactly X years would put you on a different date. (00:22:30)

Jamal: Do you have a thong?
Victoria: Excuse me?
Jamal: Never mind. We'll just take an old pair of drawers and cut the ass out.

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