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Black Knight (2001)

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Corrected entry: When the movie begins and Jamal is brushing his teeth in his home, he is wearing light-blue pants. When Jamal is in 14th century in England, after the first execution in the movie, Jamal takes his jeans off and he is wearing black pants without changing his clothes at all. (00:00:40 - 00:23:40)

Correction: When he pulls down his jeans, those aren't black pants but his underwear.


Corrected entry: When Nolty has fainted near the lake, Jamal says: "He's not breathing." If you watch his stomach carefully, you will be able to see he is breathing.

Correction: Jamal is panicking and making a lot out of nothing. He's never seen anyone faint. Anyone else can tell that Knolte is breathing, but Jamal is not really paying attention (plus, he isn't very smart). It makes it funnier for Jamal to give Knolte CPR if we can see Knolte breathing (what person in their right mind gives mouth to mouth to someone who just fainted and is breathing?).

Corrected entry: Martin Lawrence's character hand the bum living by the lake some money and says something to the effect of "Here's $2, don't spend it all in one place." However when they switch to a wider shot, the bum is standing there with more than 2 bills in his hand. (00:10:45)

Correction: The bum always has two, and it's visible.

Correction: It was a dream, anything can happen in a dream.

Corrected entry: When Jamal reaches into the moat to retrieve the medallion and falls in, he is wearing a full body dark blue suit, but when he emerges he is wearing his outfit from that morning. I doubt he had time to change his clothes while transporting from worlds.

Correction: Actually, I believe that you can see him take off his jumpsuit as soon as he emerges from the lake.

Continuity mistake: There is a scene about 2/3 of the way in the movie where you see Jamal (Martin) standing by the lake and his chain is under his shirt, he looks back into the forest and his chain is hanging out of his shirt, then he goes back to the lake and his chain is under his shirt again. (00:58:30)

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Jamal: Do you have a thong?
Victoria: Excuse me?
Jamal: Never mind. We'll just take an old pair of drawers and cut the ass out.

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