Black Knight

Jamal Wallace (Martin Lawrence)travels back into time and has to save a kingdom. Jamal is an employee at a medieval-themed park in L.A. When word comes that competition is coming nearby, he tells the owner to pack her money and run. While cleaning the moat, he spots a strange oddity in the water. Grabbing it, he gets sucked in and emerges in a rural lake. Stumbling onto a castle, he believes the people are the new competition's "way too serious" actors. Only a beheading convinces him that he is in 1328 England. Posing as a duke and court jester, "Duke Skywalker" teaches everyone to dance to "Ride, Sally Ride" then unwittingly saves the king from an assassination plot. The rebels seek to restore a deposed queen to the throne. Named the king's chief of security, a Lord Percival becomes jealous. After "deflowering" a woman, who he later finds out is the princess, he spoils an alliance. He is sent to the chopping block.

Laura Gnavaa

Other mistake: When Martin Lawrence falls over the railing in attempt to get the mysterious necklace, the camera goes to another shot that pulls away from the moat. You can see the logo on the back of Lawerence's cover-alls swimming away at the corner of the screen, when he's supposed to be under water. (00:06:15)

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Phillip, Leo's Chamberlain: Your Majesty, if I may have your attention. Starting at Small Forward, from Inglewood High, 2 time All County Conference Player of the Year, The Messenger from Normandy - Jamal Skyyyyywalker.

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