Black Knight

Black Knight (2001)

Plot summary

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Jamal Wallace (Martin Lawrence)travels back into time and has to save a kingdom. Jamal is an employee at a medieval-themed park in L.A. When word comes that competition is coming nearby, he tells the owner to pack her money and run. While cleaning the moat, he spots a strange oddity in the water. Grabbing it, he gets sucked in and emerges in a rural lake. Stumbling onto a castle, he believes the people are the new competition's "way too serious" actors. Only a beheading convinces him that he is in 1328 England. Posing as a duke and court jester, "Duke Skywalker" teaches everyone to dance to "Ride, Sally Ride" then unwittingly saves the king from an assassination plot. The rebels seek to restore a deposed queen to the throne. Named the king's chief of security, a Lord Percival becomes jealous. After "deflowering" a woman, who he later finds out is the princess, he spoils an alliance. He is sent to the chopping block.

Laura Gnavaa