Brigadoon (1954)

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Corrected entry: Since the modern sections of the movie are set in the mid-1900s, the people in Brigadoon (who are 200 years behind the rest of the world) must be from the mid-1700s. However, when Tommy and Jeff try to pay for food with a modern coin, one of the vendors says "What did he give him, a hunk of uranium?" There is no way he could have known about uranium, which wasn't discovered and named until 1789.

Correction: Actually, it's Jeff who asks Tommy, "What did YOU give him, a hunk of uranium?"



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After Gene Kelly sings "The Heather on the Hill", he sees more heather on the other side of the bridge. He starts across but Cyd Charisse freezes in horror, since to cross the bridge would break the spell over the village of Brigadoon. She then drops some of her heather in the middle of the path and runs back to the village. The camera cuts to Gene Kelly chasing after her, but the heather dropped on the path has disappeared.