Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Revealing mistake: The paving slab Broomhilda falls onto and supposedly breaks is already broken.

Revealing mistake: You can see that a huge rectangular hole has been cut into the ceiling of Latrines boudoir and filled in with balsa wood for when Rottingham gets catapulted through.

Revealing mistake: At the start when the fire arrows are hitting the hay roofs, you can clearly see wet patches of petrol or kerosene on the roofs, so that the fire can ignite quickly.

Revealing mistake: In the arrow contest, as Robin was about to be assassinated, Blinkin grabs the arrow. If you look closely, as his arm reaches out, you see that Blinkin already has the arrow in his hand.

Movie Nut

Revealing mistake: When Robin receives the locket from Blinkin, Robin takes the locket off his arm, where Blinkin placed it, and over his head onto his neck, but the locket quickly opens in this action and the actors continue on as if they hadn't just accidentally opened the locket which we later discover must be broken to find what's truly inside.

Revealing mistake: When Blinkin falls out of the look-out post and crashes into the large tree, you can see it wobble.

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