Porky's Revenge

Other mistake: After Wendy reads the fake note she wrote from 'Snookie' to 'Bubbles' she tells the guys that it's really Peewee who is being set up to meet at the motel with Ballbreaker (Bubbles). Yet it's Tommy who shows up at the door.


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Suggested correction: That's because Tommy conned PeeWee into giving him the candy and flowers, then sent him back to his room for something else in place of those. Then he ran of, got into his vehicle, and sped away. That's why when PeeWee showed up, and they asked who was in the room, he said "Tommy" as he realised Tommy duped him.


Continuity mistake: When Meat, Bryan, and Billy are in the small boat being chased by Porky's riverboat, watch Meat's position while they are rowing and trying to start the motor. As the camera changes angles, Meat goes from lying down to sitting up to lying down again.


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Blossom: I'm Blossom. Why do they call you Meat?
Meat Tuperello: Why do they call you Blossom?

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Trivia: Bob Clark was asked to write and direct a third Porky's movie. Bob said that he would be interested but that he was busy directing Rhinestone and need time to think of a good storyline. The producers didn't want to wait, so they hired Ziggy Steinberg to write it. Bob Clark was angry when he found out what the producers had done and refused to have anything to do with the movie.

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