Rebel Without a Cause

Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

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After the goons turn up at the mansion and terrorise Plato, the Police arrive. Jim and Judy escape into the surrounding woods, and follow events from there. Armed, Plato runs from the Police, who give chase. Plato hides out in the planetarium, after firing at a policeman.Reinforcements arrive, along with Jim's parents and Plato's nanny. Jim and Judy go in seek of Plato in the planetarium.Jim and Plato talk. Jim gives Plato his jacket, and in return asks for Plato's gun. Plato initially refuses, but agrees to hand it over for a moment. While Plato isn't looking, Jim removes the clip before handing the gun back.Plato agrees to leave the planetarium, but only on condition that the car headlights are turned off. All three open the door to give themselves up... but when Plato sees the policeman he refuses to leave. Jim tries to bargain with the policeman, but Plato runs out of the door brandishing his gun.The police shoot, and Plato is killed. Jim screams that Plato had no bullets, and shows them the clip in his outstretched hand.Once Plato's body is on the stretcher, Jim leans down and zips up the jacket he gave Plato - "he was always cold."Jim introduces Judy to his parents as his friend, then walks away with her. The movie closes with a shot of the police cars and ambulance leaving the mansion.


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In the Police Station at the beginning of the film James Dean takes off his flecked jacket to reveal his spectacle case in his top pocket. As his character does not wear glasses the offending case is removed in the next scene.



At the very end of the film the camera is zooming out with the observatory in the middle of the screen. Right before the credits begin, a man in a brown suit carrying a briefcase walks up to the observatory. This man is Nicholas Ray, the director of Rebel Without A Cause.