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Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

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Corrected entry: At the scene at the public high school, there is a close-up shot of boys wearing motorcycle boots, over which they are wearing Levis with the cuffs turned up. Nobody in an American high school in the 50's would have worn Levis with the cuffs turned up, and I doubt if anyone does so now.

Correction: In the 50's ALL the boys, and girls for that matter, wore their dungarees, as they were called back then, with a turned up cuff. Whether with loafers, Keds or biker boots, the jeans had a turned up cuff. The movie takes place in that era (and was indeed MADE in that era), so it does not matter what anyone would do nowadays.

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Corrected entry: At the end, right after the Sal Mineo character is shot by the police, the James Dean character holds up the clip to the pistol and screams "He didn't have any bullets." Wrong. The Mineo character had fired the weapon already, and had not cleared the chamber. So even though the Dean character had removed the clip, one live round was still in the chamber, ready to be fired.

Correction: This is a character mistake, not a movie mistake. Jim is not a weapons expert. He probably knew just enough that he needed to take the clip out, but not to clear the chamber.

Corrected entry: Corey Allen can't get out of the car because a loop on the sleeve of his black leather jacket gets caught in the door handle. That kind of leather flight jacket didn't have loops in the sleeves.

Correction: It is absolutely impossible to say that. There were numerous manufacturers of those popular leather jackets, which were knock-offs of the original, many of whom offered their own variations in similar styles, including the kind that Buzz (Corey Allen) was wearing.

Correction: The colored socks, in fact, do not keep switching feet, but Plato is on his stomach and on his back at various times, such as when he was sleeping in an earlier scene. Obviously, unless you know when he is on his stomach or back,i.e. after being rolled over after he is shot, (the toes pointing up or down are a pretty good clue) it may appear they have switched feet.

Corrected entry: After Sal Mineo is shot, his shoe is on his "red" sock foot. When James Dean looks down the shoe is off. And in the wide shot with Sal's body in the background the shoe is back on the red sock.

Correction: Judy placed the shoe back on Plato while Jim was closing the zipper of the red jacket.

Plot hole: When the first police car arrives at the observatory, the policeman there tells them that the kid (Plato) holed up in the observatory has a gun and had "wounded a kid earlier." However, when that same policeman arrived at the mansion, he and his partner only ran into Plato and then followed him to the observatory. He had absolutely no way of knowing what had happened at the mansion prior to them getting there, which is when Plato shot one of Buzz's buddies.

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Trivia: At the very end of the film the camera is zooming out with the observatory in the middle of the screen. Right before the credits begin, a man in a brown suit carrying a briefcase walks up to the observatory. This man is Nicholas Ray, the director of Rebel Without A Cause.

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