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Continuity mistake: When Sulley places the menu on the table he puts it face down (logo first), then when he lifts up the table, to quickly get Boo, the menu is face up. (00:26:05)


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Continuity mistake: When Mike is bringing Sully to the fixed door he has no slivers or band-aids on his hands, then when he says "it was a lot of wood to go through" you see he does. (01:24:10)

Continuity mistake: After the Scare Floor shuts down at 6:00 and Sulley goes back to do Mike's paperwork, the clock reads 5:48. After he returns again to put Boo back, it clearly shows 5:48. Finally, after Randall leaves and Sulley leaves the Scare Floor for the restaurant, the clock reads 6:48. (00:22:06)

Continuity mistake: At the start, when the simulation is terminated, as Phlegm pulls a jack off his back, the large checkered rug at the foot of the bed is gone. It should be seen on the floor in front of him, in this shot facing the wall as it goes up.

Super Grover

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Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, on the floor there is a toy train on circular tracks when the monster sneaks in. When the monster trips backwards over the ball and skateboard then falls onto the jacks, the train and tracks are gone. (00:01:49)

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Continuity mistake: At the beginning when you see the monster in the testing room from under the bed with the glowing eyes, you also see the soccer ball on the left side of the screen. This shot takes place on the side of the bed. After the monster gets scared, he backs up kicks the soccer ball, but it is now at the foot of the bed in the middle of the room. (00:02:35)

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Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film, we see Sully asleep in his bed and the alarm clock/radio on a bedside cabinet to the right. Later, when Boo climbs into Sully's bed, the clock/radio isn't there anymore. (00:04:50 - 00:32:30)

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Suggested correction: Sully may have unplugged the alarm clock and put it somewhere else, especially when there's a "dangerous" child in his home, and he wouldn't want his things to get contaminated.

This correction is a stretch. If he doesn't want his things contaminated, why not remove the pictures and lamps? Why let her sleep in his bed with his blankets?


Continuity mistake: At the beginning when the monsters are at the testing room, you can see the boy in the bed seeing something opening the cabinet. He closes his eyes and opens them up again to see a sweater sticking out. But when another monster sees what he does wrong on the tape, the sweater isn't sticking out anymore. (00:03:40)

Continuity mistake: When Boo is in Mike and Sully's house, there's a "jazz" poster on the wall near the door, but when Boo is crying, it's gone.

Continuity mistake: After Boo falls asleep, when Sully says, "Hey Mike this might sound strange, but I don't think that kid's dangerous," Mike adjusts the lamp on the desk making the right bulb lower than the left. Next shot, as Mike turns, the right bulb is now higher than the left.

Super Grover

Continuity mistake: In Sully's bed, Boo is afraid of the closet, and there are many drawings in the bed, but when she shows the drawing of Randall, the others are gone. They come back when she goes to sleep.

Continuity mistake: When Sulley believes Boo is in the trash compactor, a cube of garbage comes out. In the first shot of the cube, the light used to make the "eye" is seen sticking out. Then as the conveyor belt stops, the light is now laid down on the cube. (00:44:20)

Casual Person

Continuity mistake: When Mike takes the toilet paper off his feet, it's lying on the floor in the hallway. But when his girlfriend comes and yells to him, it's gone.

Continuity mistake: During the ending credits, they show Mike and Sulley redoing their "musical" number in front of all the monsters on the scream floor. During this Sulley blocks Boo out of the way by pushing her behind him. But when Sulley starts to dance, Boo has disappeared. (01:28:50)

Continuity mistake: At the start of the workday, Randall opens the first door with the knob on the left and hinges on the right. When he comes back out, the knob is on the right and the hinges are on the left. (00:14:45)

Continuity mistake: When Mike and Sully are in the ice cave, and Mike is starting to throw the a Snowball before Sully says, "None of it matters anymore" the snowball turns from yellow to white for a few seconds, and then back to yellow.

Continuity mistake: During the scene on the scare floor, there is a world map above the entrance. To the right of the map are two signs that read STAND BY and SCARE. In some shots, the signs change from written words, to symbols of a monster standing still (STAND BY) and roaring (SCARE). This only occurs in the international version.

Continuity mistake: When Randall catches Mike and tells him that he has half an hour to put Boo in her door he also says the door will be in his station. Later we see that the door is on station 5. But on the first day Mike and Sully are working on station 5 and Randall is on station 6.

Continuity mistake: Before going to the Scare Floor, Mike goes to get his paperwork from Roz. The paperwork first faces 5 o'clock direction. A few shots later, the papers suddenly face a 12 o'clock direction. (00:11:25)

Casual Person

Continuity mistake: When Mike, Sulley and Boo are walking to the Scare Floor after leaving the locker room, Mike's feet and legs are soaking wet. His feet are suddenly dry by the time they reach the Scare Floor. (00:38:45)

Casual Person

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Suggested correction: You can see the wet footprints gradually becoming less wet as he walks, until they leave no water footprints.

Yes the soles of his feet were dry, not the entire foot though.


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Other mistake: Near the end of the film, when the identity of 0001 of the CDA is revealed, number 0112 is shown both standing next to 0001 as Roz enters the room and behind Sully and Mike on the opposite side of the room. (01:16:45)

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Mike: I'm telling you, Big Daddy. You're gonna be seeing this face on TV more often.
Sulley: Yeah, like on "Monstropolis' Most Wanted"?
Mike: Ha, ha, ha. You've been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade, pal.

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Trivia: Mike and Celia have dinner at Harryhausen's. This is a tip of the hat to Ray Harryhausen, the great stop-motion animator.

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Question: After Monsters, Inc. has switched over to "laugh power", the scare floor has a very different look. There's a board in the back with "JOKE OF THE DAY" written on it. Can anyone see the text of the joke?

Answer: The Doctor says to the patient, "What seems to be the problem?" The patient lifts his arm and says "It hurts when I do this." The Doctor says "don't do that."

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