Angel Eyes
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Elanora: Catch Your coat's all dirty, what happened?
Catch: I tackled somebody today.
Elanora: Really?
Catch: Yeah, he had the ball and he was running for a touchdown so I stopped him.
Elanora: Will you please be serious Catch.
Catch: I met somebody, she's a police officer.
Elanora: Really, I hope you didn't have to tackle her too.

Catch: You ever wonder what scratch means?, what people mean when they say "Let's start from scratch", this is scratch.

Sharon Pogue: It's not a good neighborhood, maybe I should walk you to your car.
Catch: I don't have a car.
Sharon Pogue: Would you like a ride home?
Catch: No thank you, I like to walk, Are you OK to drive?
Sharon Pogue: I'm not drunk, you think I'm drunk, cause you'll know when I'm drunk when I start throwing up.

Sharon Pogue: Has anyone ever told you that you shouldn't look through people's drawers.
Catch: Why, it looks more real in here.
Sharon Pogue: It's considered rude.
Catch: Now that I'm here, you seem kinda mad about it, maybe I should get going?
Sharon Pogue: Believe me, When I'm mad, you'll know it.
Catch: Is this the mad part?
Sharon Pogue: Maybe going is a good idea.

Sharon Pogue: Let's talk about something stupid.
Catch: Ok, you first.
Sharon Pogue: When you said that we were "supposed" to meet, what did you mean by that, it sounds a little too Psychic Friends Network like?
Catch: Well it means that one's senses are attracted to a particular odour of another person and it draws the person to them.

Robby: I think it's the best for everybody.
Sharon Pogue: Really? And who's everybody?
Robby: Me.

Catch: This is what you told me about, right?
Sharon Pogue: What?
Catch: Your interrogation, so do I need a lawyer?

Larry Pogue Sr.: You know what Sharon, It's not cool that you start showing up around here in your cop uniform, then people will start getting the impression that we're in trouble.

Sharon Pogue: I don't like being jerked around.
Catch: I'm not.

Sharon Pogue: Then I realised that it doesn't have to be perfect. I mean, it can be whatever it is.

Continuity mistake: Her bruise from being shot in the vest appears and disappears and reappears.

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