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Angel Eyes (2001)

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Corrected entry: When J-Lo is rescuing the guy at the beginning, the accident scene is at night time. When "Catch" finally remembers the accident, it is daytime.

Correction: It is true, J-Lo rescues him night time, but the accident happened in the late afternoon, because Jim Caviezel's son had a birthday party in the afternoon, and it is possible that when the cops, firemen and paramedics arrive, it has already turned dark.

Continuity mistake: At the end, after J-Lo leaves the wedding, her man is waiting outside for her. Her jeep is parallel parked between two other cars, but when her man decides he is going to drive for them, he gets in and pulls straight out. He doesn't even turn the wheel to get out of their parallel parking spot.

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Sharon Pogue: Let's talk about something stupid.
Catch: Ok, you first.
Sharon Pogue: When you said that we were "supposed" to meet, what did you mean by that, it sounds a little too Psychic Friends Network like?
Catch: Well it means that one's senses are attracted to a particular odour of another person and it draws the person to them.

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