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Angel Eyes (2001)

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Corrected entry: When J-Lo is rescuing the guy at the beginning, the accident scene is at night time. When "Catch" finally remembers the accident, it is daytime.

Correction: It is true, J-Lo rescues him night time, but the accident happened in the late afternoon, because Jim Caviezel's son had a birthday party in the afternoon, and it is possible that when the cops, firemen and paramedics arrive, it has already turned dark.

Continuity mistake: Her bruise from being shot in the vest appears and disappears and reappears.

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Elanora: Catch Your coat's all dirty, what happened?
Catch: I tackled somebody today.
Elanora: Really?
Catch: Yeah, he had the ball and he was running for a touchdown so I stopped him.
Elanora: Will you please be serious Catch.
Catch: I met somebody, she's a police officer.
Elanora: Really, I hope you didn't have to tackle her too.

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