Angel Eyes

Factual error: J-Lo plays a Chicago cop, but in the very first scene you can see the CN Tower in the background, obviously shot in Toronto. The tower is seen again in the background later in the movie.

Factual error: While walking downtown in "Chicago", you can clearly see the blinking sign of Honest Ed's which is a Toronto department store and is found nowhere else.

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie, there is a scene (which of course was shot in downtown TO) in which a bus passes in the background. It is obvious that it is a TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) bus.

Factual error: When J-Lo and her man go to the Blues club, and her guy starts playing the trumpet, it is obvious that he isn't really playing because his fingers don't move with the notes. A trumpet's range is wide, but not the way he was "playing".

Continuity mistake: Her bruise from being shot in the vest appears and disappears and reappears.

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Sharon Pogue: Has anyone ever told you that you shouldn't look through people's drawers.
Catch: Why, it looks more real in here.
Sharon Pogue: It's considered rude.
Catch: Now that I'm here, you seem kinda mad about it, maybe I should get going?
Sharon Pogue: Believe me, When I'm mad, you'll know it.
Catch: Is this the mad part?
Sharon Pogue: Maybe going is a good idea.

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