Visible crew/equipment: When the telephone rings, Cujo bounds over and begins barking at it. After he has finished barking, he lingers in the window frame, and then, you can see a crewmember's hand come in, and pull him down from the ledge.


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Visible crew/equipment: A black camera sheild is clearly visible at the top of the frame in some shots, as Cujo chases the rabbit around the fields in the opening segment, in order to avoid the sun obstructing the shot.


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Visible crew/equipment: The whole crew, including the boom operator, the cameraman, a camera crane and a reflector screen are reflected in the side of Vic's car, when he pulls up at Joe Campbell's farmyard, to get his car fixed.


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Visible crew/equipment: Cujo runs after a rabbit and it goes into a cave of bats. Cujo sticks its head in the hole, and the bats start flying around. The bat which lands on Cujo's nose, and subsequently bites him, has a string visible on it, holding it up.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Donna retries starting the car, it starts, but only runs for a few seconds, then stops. In the shot through the windshield, as Donna keeps on trying to start the car again, the camera is reflected in the bottom of the windshield.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Vic is at the elevator, about to leave the hotel, and Roger is talking to him, one or two crew members are reflected in the picture hanging on the wall next to the elevator.


Visible crew/equipment: There is a shadow of a crewmember passing over the fridge, as the camera pans along and follows Donna into the kitchen, in the scene where she goes to the sink for a glass of water, before being startled by Steve.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Vic is about to leave Donna and Tad, aftering finding out about the affair Donna had, in a side view of Vic in the car, the boom mic is clearly reflected in shiny back of the side mirror for about twenty seconds.


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