13 Ghosts

Corrected entry: The glass walls throughout the house are clearly stated in the movie to be soundproof, but then, when the psychic guy is trapped in a completely enclosed cubicle(made up by 4 of the soundproof glass walls with the ghost with the baseball bat, he and Rah Digga's character are talking to each other the whole time, if the walls are soundproof, then how can they be talking to each other?

Correction: The psychic, while running around and being attcked is saying to the effects of "What?!?" and "Huh?!?" as he is "dodging" the ghost, because he can't hear what's being said.

Corrected entry: The psychic hunter puts on the ethereal glasses, sees the Latin writing on the floor and translates it as extra containment spells. In the Library scene later he looks at the spellbook and says he cannot read Latin.

Correction: He might have recognised it as a containment spell, without necessarily being able to read what it said.

Continuity mistake: When Shannon Elizabeth is attacked by the ghost she has scratches on her face, then when they are all sitting huddled in the corner the next shot of her, there are no scratches on her face. (01:30:01)

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Robert 'Bobby' Kriticos: Mom?
Jean Kriticos, The Withered Lover: I love you guys.

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Trivia: At the end of the film, the Withered Lover is standing on the place where the Torso sat. Both of these ghosts were rather harmless, and the Torso, while described as dangerous, never attacked anyone, including Cyrus, and walked to his head near Bobby. The only other ghost seen that is more or less harmless is the First Born Son, who is more of a taunter and prankster. This ghost died a quick death, being shot in the head by an arrow by another kid accidentally.

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