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Corrected entry: After the father punches the psychic in the library, the psychic falls on the floor next to a cabinet or glass pane. You can see a crew member's face either reflected in or behind the glass.

Correction: it's Arthur who falls next to the cabinet, and the face you see is a reflection of the pyschic.

Corrected entry: If the young boy ghost was killed by an arrow while playing cowboys and indians as the "Ghost files" on the DVD says, then why is he in an Indian costume? Shouldn't he be in a cowboy outfit?

Correction: Billy is not "in an Indian costume" strictly speaking, he's actually wearing bits of both cowboy and Indian costumes while he was playing that day he was killed. He liked to dress up as both a cowboy as well as an Indian (during the "Ghost Files" montage, there's an illustration of Billy with his mother seated at the table, and he's wearing a headress with a bow and arrows lying on the floor near him). The day Billy was killed he was wearing a cowboy shirt, a bolo tie at his collar, with a toy gun holster and his cap gun around his waist, and Billy was also wearing a single feather Indian headress on his head, holding a tomahawk in his hand. As for the original correction regarding how Billy was killed, we are shown in the "Ghost Files" montage that the neighbor boy, who had his father's real bow and steel-tipped arrow, shot Billy through the back of his head.

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Correction: This is a question not a mistake. And the correction doesn't even relate to the entry at all.

Correction: The boy was shooting into the sky, and what goes up, will go down. Or he was killed by "friendly fire".

Visible crew/equipment: During the scene in the library when Matthew Lillard is forced to tell the husband who the 13th ghost is, you can see the director's face through the glass wall in the bottom left while they are carrying out the glass panel. (01:01:15)

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Kathy Kriticos: Bathrooms. Bathrooms! Everyone gets their own bathroom.

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Trivia: The villain of this film is named "Cyrus." However, in the original "13 Ghosts," Cyrus was actually the name of the protagonist.


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Question: How were they able to see the withered lover at the end without using glasses?

Answer: She was a trapped soul in a house full of magical spells forcing her into a pivotal configuration. When it was destroyed, she was free. Like at the end of the movie, "Ghost," a bright light shined upon her to say goodbye to her loved ones.

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