Sleeping Beauty

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the two kings are fighting, one of them pulls a swordfish from the table and after they calm down sticks the fish in his belt. In the next shot the fish has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When Flora is dressed as a peasant woman, the laces on her bodice change, sometimes the lace goes from top left to bottom right, others it's top right to bottom left.

Continuity mistake: During the forest cottages' dressmaking sequence in the middle of the film, watch the backgrounds carefully. You will see backgrounds change themselves from one scene to the next (doorhandles disappear and reappear, plates reposition themselves on shelves, flowers mysteriously regroup themselves).

Continuity mistake: While the prince is imprisoned, the witch tells him that Aurora is sleeping. When we see her asleep, a thick strand of hair appears on her bosom in the close-up.

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