Sleeping Beauty

Trivia: If you look closely, there are many "Mickeys" in the scenery. For example, look in the bushes in various scenes and you will see three circles that form Mickey's head.

Trivia: Aurora's mother speaks in the film but there are no records of who provided her voice. Not even Disney Studios knows.

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Suggested correction: According to the Internet Movie Database, it was Verna Felton who did her voice, also did Flora's voice.

Trivia: The picture was criticized for the angularity of its characters, but the cartoonists defended by saying that they tried to copy the French medieval style of drawing.


Trivia: Look carefully at Merryweather's biscuit at the beginning of the movie. It's one of the many Mickey Mouse shapes that appear throughout the film.

Trivia: Princess Aurora has only 18 lines in the entire film.

Trivia: Even though Princess Aurora is the main character, she has only 18 minutes of screen time.

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